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Farmer & Farmher Gift Ideas #farmergiftideas


Do you have a hard to shop for loved one? I can tell you first hand, Farmers and Farmhers can be difficult to buy for. Every year I promise myself I will make a list on my phone for gift ideas for loved ones, and every year I start that list and can't find it on my phone come Holiday season. I know I'm not the only one.

I love buying presents for loved ones, I love finding that special gift that I know someone will love and watching them smile and their eyes light up when they open their gift. But, when your buying for your partner, your kids, nieces, nephews, grandparents, teachers, and others (that family Christmas party or work party gift), the fun is strangled out of it. If I can't find a great gift for you, I'm not going to buy you a gift. It is a slap on the face to see money wasted just because I'm suppose to. I'm sorry folks, I know that makes me a bad person. But please, don't buy me anything unless you know for sure it is something that will be used. Save your money. And please don't be mad if I don't buy you something this year, but when I do it will be kick ass!

So over the years I have found some gifts that are solid crowd pleasers. Ones that I love. Gifts that as long as you are a salt of the earth kind of person, your going to use it and love it, whether you know you needed it or not. So here goes, some pointers to stressed out you this gift giving season.

1. Refillable Pocket Notebook

I'm a sucker for notebooks and everything leather. So I had to include a fancy leather pocket notebook that can be personalized with a quote or logo. It doesn't have to be fancy, but personalize the first page by your own hand, leave a quote or note for who the gift is intended for. I'm always grabbing notebooks at the store and each book has a different topic and a stack in the office that I can always look back at. But on a daily basis, having a small notebook for notes and ideas is always a good thing. Something like this leather pocket notebook from rustico is perfect and at $24 doesn't break the bank.

Rustico - Leather Pocket Notebook

2. Hearing Protection Headphones w/ Bluetooth

Most of my day is filled working by myself. Driving the skid steer or tractor, shoveling, cleaning, mowing etc. Whatever the day has in store. And although the cows don't mind me talking to them, they aren't great at contributing to the conversation. My favorite gift ever is my Worktunes bluetooth headphones. My husband bought these for me last a year and I use these every day (even when I'm just cleaning house, vacuuming, or cooking). Hearing protection, and I can listen to podcasts, music or talk on the phone keeping my hands free so I can keep working. Battery lasts for about 4 to 5 days of use. I believe my husband paid about $50 but just looked them up to share a link and they are only $35.

Amazon Link - Worktunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection and Bluetooth

3. A GOOD Pocket Knife

Safety First, Always, and that means a knife should be in your pocket at all times on the farm. Whether you need to cut baling twine, or wrap on a bale, or your checking cows to find one is down with bloat. A knife is an essential, and potentially life saving tool that should always be in your pocket. Here are two that are about $20 on amazon. I love the look of both of them and I couldn't decide on one.

Safety Knife

Pocket Knife

4. Books + Publications

Whether you gift a years subscription to Audible, or a book on a farming subject you know your loved one has interest in, books are great. Also consider a subscription to a farm newsletter or a membership to a local farm chapter. Pay my subscription to Angus journal and I'll be a happy camper!

Audible : 1 Year $150, 1 Month $15

Books galore on Amazon!

Angus : 1 Year $50

5. Work Gloves