Chicken Half approximately 3 lbs

Chicken Half approximately 3 lbs


Chicken Available for delivery starting 8/29/20 while supplies last.


All of the chicken is brought to you by the Vorhees Family Farm in Scott, NY.  


About the Vorhees Family Farm:

We are the Voorhees Family! My name is Erin, my husband J and I have 4 children and enjoy a quiet, country life in Scott, New York. My passion for raising chickens began as a child when my parents raised Cornish Cross in our backyard.(I even took first place at the county fair with my chickens Fred and Wilma!) Now I am passionate about my small farm life because it is important to our family that we have access to healthy food, and teach our children how to raise animals responsibly. We take pride in the health and happiness of our birds and are rewarded with delicious, healthy food we truly enjoy and hope you will too!