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Located in upstate New York

Truxton, NY

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Deposit for Half a Cow


There is a waiting list for this order.  Delivery availabilty expected April 17th-April 24th or June 10th-July 2nd.  At this point availabilty for both of these dates is available, you can pick if April or June/July date is preferred.


This is for the deposit for half a cow includding butcher fees.  Feel free to call or email us to check on the next available delivery for this item before you order.


The price we charge includes the beef, processing, packaging, labeling and delivery within 30 miles of Truxton, NY (zipcode 13158). To help buyers we have an average order broken down for the butcher. This order can be customized by you the buyer. (some customization may incur extra charges due to increased processing fees)