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raising High Quality Angus beef on our farm, for your family!
A Bite

-   Is Nex-Gen Beef right for me?  -

  • Do you struggle finding quality locally raised meats?​

  • Do you want to feel good about the food you feed your family?

  • Do you want to be part of our farming family by supporting food

          raised by local farmers?

We understand your struggle.  After countless people would stop by the farm asking if we

sold our beef, we finally decided to do more.  It was obvious we were not the only ones wanting

to know where our food came from, and feel good about eating it.  So in 2016 we started

planning and investing into not just our cattle operation as it had been, but to expand into selling our beef.  In 2017 our adventure started, since then we have expanded to offer other locally raised proteins to help support other farmers.  Thanks to our customers who want to feel good about what they serve their family.

"Your meats and your services are unparalleled.  Your meat is spectacular and the cuts were perfect, everything is exactly as you said it would be."


"I don't think there is anything that can be done better.  The meat is easy to order, easy to pay for and easy to pick up.  It's especially easy - to eat!"


-   ABOUT US  -

My name is Jeanetta, I am the main farm caretaker.  We partner with New Penn Farm in Upstate NY. All the work here on the farm is made a lot more fun with the help of our kids.  We love seeing them helping on our farm and loving this country life.  My husband, Kevin, is Mr-fix it.  I am not good at equipment maintenance but I am very good at making his fix-it list grow.  Raising high quality, safe beef for our family is our priority.  We want to share our hard work with all of our customers so you

can enjoy it with your family too.

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