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Time to talk BEEF!

  • How much beef do you get from 1/2 a cow?

  • What cuts do you get?    

  • What goes into raising a cow?  

Included in this list of resources is information made possible by Universities and Land Grant Organizations.  If you want to learn more I've collected some of the best resources for you here!

Interactive Butcher Explore the Cuts - Learning about meat cuts is made simple through this user friendly interactive butcher resource.  Amazing pictures of numerous cuts are visible.  Click the cut you want to learn more about.  It will guide you towards more information like how best to prepare including recipes.

Interactive Butcher Ask a Question - Ask the Interactive butcher a question, like "what is the most economical cut that I can put in my slow cooker", press the little red GO button and it will come up with a list of cuts of meat that will work for your needs, how to cook it, and recipe suggestions.

Beef and Pork Whole Animal Buying Guide - Ready to order your first 1/4, 1/2 or full cow?  Then I am sure you are full of questions.  This amazing resource made by Iowa State University does a better job than I could ever imagine at explaining the ins and outs of freezer beef.  From how much meat will you get, to what the different carcass weight definitions are, to cuts of meat and how much freezer space you will need.  This is the resource to read to get your questions answered.  Become an expert now!

The Butcher Stole My Meat - Depending on how you ask the butcher to process your meat will determine how much meat you get back.  This is a great guide to help explain so you don't feel jipped when you get your meat.

Raising Freezer Beef What does it really cost? - Do you really want to learn the intensive ins and out of raising freezer beef?  Well I won't go too detailed, lets get you started here.  

Bovine Mycology - This very neat website makes it possible to break each muscle or skeletal anatomy down visually on your smart phone or computer screen.  Choose a muscle you are interested in, it will show you a picture of the muscle, explain how tough the muscle is, how juicy it is, what retail cuts come from that muscle, what the whole sale section of the meat is and more.

Beef Retail Information - Recipes, cooking information, infographics, meat cuts, how to save on beef.  Tons of information and resources.