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Located in upstate New York

Truxton, NY

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-   ABOUT US  -

Welcome to our farm!  My name is Jeanetta, I am the main farm caretaker.  All the work is made a lot more fun with the help of our kids.  You can see them helping on our farm and loving the farm life.  My husband, Kevin is Mr-fix it.  I am not good and equipment maintenance but I am very good and making his fix-it list grow.  Raising high quality, safe beef for our family is our priority.  We want to share our hard work with all of our customers so you can enjoy it with your family too.

What we do:

We are pleased to bring our locally grown product from our farm to your family.  We strive to make our meat the tastiest and freshest meat around.  Our small family works hard to breed for 'next generation livestock'.  We look at 'next generation livestock' to include the following.

  1. More feed efficient (require less food to gain weight)

  2. Increased marbling (the white fat flecks in your steak that make your steak tender, juice and melt in your mouth)

  3. Decrease in-excess fat - excess fat is waste

  4. Increased dressing percentage - more meat per animal

  5. Consistent Size

  6. Docility - easily managed or handled

  7. Sustainability - Making more meat, and better meat with less resources (food, fuel, water, time) is one way we strive to be a sustainable farmstead.

 Why are we breeding for these things?  Here in New York and across the country we already have a shortage of farmland.  That shortage will only increase and the population and food demand increases as well.  More houses, more roads, more stores but less farmland every year.  So we as farmers have to think how can we get more food while using less resources.  Thanks to countless years and lots of mathematics, data from EPDs (expected progeny difference) - yes very technical and complicated, have made it possible to select for certain traits.  We have the ability to select what sire to breed my cow that has a huge amount of marbling to so we can keep that high tender marbling to a bull that I selected that is very feed efficient.  That means that cow is going to eat a salad of summer pasture and gain weight at a higher rate than a less feed efficient cow that eats the same amount of summer pasture.  Making more with less.  

 To help in with animal management we breed for docility.  Cows that stress easily, loose weight more rapidly, get sick more often and take more time to work with.  The more we can do to make their lives happier and less stressful, the better quality the meat is.  We do not give our animals any growth hormones, not in their feed, not injectable or implant, none.  Our cows grow wonderfully on the food available to them and added hormones are not necessary for our farm.  

Feel free to ask us questions about our animals and our products, we love sharing why we do what we do!