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Chicken anyone?

The great chicken let down of 2020!

Alright let's be serious, it was not that big of a deal. But after weeks of waiting for the first bulk chicken order I had made with a local farmer, poor communication and meeting at our arranged meeting place to finally pick up the late chicken, only to be ghosted and sent a text right after the agreed upon time of meeting. Not a great experience. The first farmer I ordered chicken from was a major let down. And I knew them from the ag community. What a let down. I want to apologize to all the customers I have been promising chicken to for weeks! But these things happen for a reason. Although I may not get my deposit back (grrrrrr), I already have someone else lined up. Tomorrow I will be picking up one chicken to be able to sample and make sure the quality is good enough to meet expectations and if so I can get whole chickens immediately or halved chickens in late August.

So what did we learn?

The biggest lesson was how stressful ordering online can be and how stressful the process of ordering from a local farmer is for most people the first time they buy. So this was a lesson worth being reminded. We need to do a better job with our website explaining the ordering process, what to expect, and we need to do more surveys and check-ins so we can be sure we are meeting the high standards we strive for. Please know that when we reach out after an order we want to hear the truth, we want feedback on what we are doing well and what we need to improve. We do NOT want you to feel lost in this process or to feel let down by a poor buying experience.

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SB Group Nepal
SB Group Nepal
Dec 01, 2023

Great Articles. Thanks for sharing !!!

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