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How to buy from us and other frequently asked questions.

So you want to buy our beef or other farm products? Here is what the buying process looks likes:

Our online inventory is up to date with what we currently have in stock. Our bulk orders of quarters or more are ordered ahead and we have a wait list of 1-6 months for those bulk orders. Our online store will tell you what we have in stock. We have small packages as well as single steaks, roasts or ground beef.

Select what you would like to order if it is a box or a selection of products from our inventory. During the checkout process you will have the option of selecting picking up at the farm (no delivery free), or a certain area of the state for delivery. Depending on how far away we have a small delivery fee or if you order over our minimum order for that area then we waive that fee and you will have free delivery.

When will we deliver?

Our typical schedule is :

farm pick-up Monday and Tuesday

Local delivery to Cortland/Homer/Ithaca (within 25 miles) Friday

Weekend deliveries rotate:

Binghamton, Syracuse, Cazenovia once a month.

Buffalo once every three months (delivery to Buffalo until the Covid Craziness subsides is postponed).

If you would like to know when we will be in your area feel free to email or call and we can let you know as soon as we get off the tractor and into the house.

When do we restock?

We send steers to the butcher every other month. The processing takes a few weeks at the butcher. This means we are able to restock our beef that we raise every other month.

Since this year we have expanded to pork and chicken, we will be restocking these items seasonally or as they become available. Pork in the Spring and Fall and Chicken in the Spring, Summer and if there is a demand in the Fall as well.

Can we visit the farm?

We are happy to give tours of the farm by appointment. We cannot let people walk tour on their own due to cross contamination/health and safety standards. But we are not shy either. If you would like to tour the farm, call or email us and politely ask. Typically when a customer reserves a bulk order or when they pick up a bulk order of beef we will arrange a tour of the farm if they would like one.

I want to order a Quarter Share of Beef, but I have so many questions. I feel lost.

Do not fret. Unfortunately this can be stressful the first time you order or maybe your last experience was not a great one. We are here to help and happy to do so because we understand it is confusing. We spent many hours putting together a guide to help answer many of the commonly asked questions and to help walk you through the process. You can download this guide for free HERE.

If you would rather talk over the ordering process on the phone we would be happy to do so. Usually this takes 30-45 minutes and when you email us we can schedule a time to do this over the phone.

Home Decor Items

We have added some of our farm photographs to a drop ship service where customers can buy farm photography canvases for your home or for a gift for anyone who would appreciate the farm country life as we do. These items will ship within 3 business days directly to you. From order to arrival expect 7-10 days.

If a certain item, size or photo theme is not available don't be shy. If we can we will add it to the store within 7 days.

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