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Located in upstate New York

Truxton, NY

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Freezer Teaser Large Sampler Package


There is a waiting list for this order.  Delivery availabilty expected April 17th-April 24th or June 10th-July 2nd.  At this point availabilty for both of these dates is available, you can pick if April or June/July date is preferred.


This sampler package gives you a selection of our product offerings.


15 lbs of ground beef 
2 stew meats in 1lb packages great for kabobs
1 beef soup bone shank packages of 2
4 beef chuck steaks 
3 lbs beef short ribs
5 sirloin steaks
1 pkg of 2 NY Strips or T-Bone Steaks
2 packages of 2 Delmonico's per pkg
1 eye of round steak package of 2
2 Roasts or Extra Steaks, depending on what is in stock.  Buyer can pick if both are in stock.