Freezer Teaser Large Sampler Package

Freezer Teaser Large Sampler Package

$415.00 Regular Price
$373.50Sale Price


This sampler package gives you a selection of our product offerings.


15 lbs of ground beef 
2 Kabobs meats in 1lb packages (sold out will substitute for eye of round steaks)
4 steaks (denver, vegas strip, chuck eye or similar)
3 sirloin steaks
1 pkg of 2 premium steaks (NY Strips, Porterhouse, Filet Mignon or T-Bone Steaks)
1 packages of 2 Delmonicos
1 eye of round steak package of 2
2 Roasts 


Substitutions for roasts for steaks of equal value can be made depending on availability of items.

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Located in upstate New York

Truxton, NY

Pickup at the Farm and Delivery locations from buffalo to binghamton  
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