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Monthly Beef Boxes Coming Soon

We are happy to have established our direct sales business in 2017. This has given us the opportunity during the last few months of changes to be able to serve new and established customers. We have been working towards changes before the Covid Crisis hit like a freight train. These changes were put to the side during this time, however we have been getting back in the development phase the last two weeks.

What changes?

  1. Monthly Subscription for Boxed Beef

A monthly subscription has been something our customers have requested so they can sign up for 3, 6 or 12 month boxes of beef. They would not have to worry about us running out of inventory and leave them without our amazing beef and can select options for what works best for their family. It also will help customers who do not have excess freezer space leaving bulk beef orders such as halves or quarters.

The monthly subscription helps us to plan out the inventory we need to serve our customers more accurately. This will help us to have a greater overall beef availability and to save money and pass the savings on to our customers.

2. Store Front

We have delivered and offered farm pickup for our customers from the start. It is a great way for us to serve our customers. However we know we need to increase our delivery charge to be sustainable. Offering a store front with regular hours has been our goal. Fingers crossed, we can make this happen when the time is right.

With a store front we would be able to offer a greater variety of protein options. Currently our limited storage area does not allow us this ability.

3. Online Store Changes

The online store shopping experience could be easier to navigate for phone and tablet users. We have looked into this and will be updating the online shopping experience to make navigation easier. We are testing a new store option as well as a redesign of the current store to find the right option for our customers.

Having feedback from you, our customers helps us to improve and grow. Thank you all for the feedback you give us, we truly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy life to send us feedback.

4. Bulk Order Workbook

This workbook we are building will help be an easy guide towards ordering in bulk from a farmer like us. It will walk you through "meat math" to determine how much meat you need for your family on a monthly basis, cut options, and terminology.

Please send us input. What questions do you have? What would you want in a monthly beef box delivery?

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