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What a crazy March!

Many of us have been thrown head over heals the last few weeks and our family is no exception. My husband has been thrown back and forth from working to not working more times than I can count since his job for the state they can't seem to figure out whether they are needed or not. At the very start of this craziness I found myself at the ER with crippling stomach pains that turned out ot be appendicitis. After a few days in the hospital, very lonely I might add, I was able to go home and slowly resume our new normal. That is where we are now, adjusting to the new normal.

Thank goodness my husband has been home helping with farm chores, barn cleanings and did I mention it is Spring calving season? It has been crazy and I am loving Kevin being home helping while I recover. Thank goodness for our two farm kids too. They have been working hard helping every day.

Do you have kids home during this "Coronacation"? Homeschooling/Tele-learning, whatever this new way of learning has turned out to be. I had plans for the kids creating videos every day teaching about something on the farm. Here we are weeks into this fiasco and I am just starting to feel somewhat normal. I don't know if it was the anesthesia or the surgery or the infection, but I have felt exhausted and most days require a nap to make it through the day. And I am not a napper. So we are very behind my original plans. Hopefully next week we can work towards our lofty goals. The kids work on their schoolwork form 9 am until noon. Most days they are done by lunch time thank goodness. Then they help outside in the barn with their chore duties with their bunnies and chickens. In between chores and school work they find plenty of time to play on the trampoline and recently puppet shows by Ally have become a regular occurence.

I hope all of you are doing well this crazy season. Please send ideas or hints to keep kids learning and away from electronics while we make the best of this new way of life. I am so thankful we get to spend this time together. as a family.

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