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Wranglers Beef Chili

Wrangler beef chili anyone? Chili is fun because you can add everything in the fridge and make it a meal to use up leftovers, add some spicy heat, or keep it simple and kid friendly. Make it any way you like!

Here are a few ideas for your next pot of chili.

1. Make chili after taco night or sloppy Joe night using leftovers as a base.

2. Think outside the pot. Add pepperoni, little smokies, venison, kielbasa, or any other meat you have on hand. Go no bean all meat!

3. Cook your raw meat separately first on the stovetop and mix and cook your chili in a slow cooker. Let flavors warm together for at least 6 hours mixing frequently. The longer the chili warms the better the flavor.

4. Go bean-beananas! Make your chili with lots of different beans to add more textures. You can even go vegetarian. My favorite; garbanzo beans. Other great options; chili beans, pinto beans, kidney beans and black beans.

5. Play with different variations that you and your family love. Also try pairing with different foods. Pasta, chili-hot dog, tortilla chips, cheesy-macaroni, what else can you come up with?

Full recipe from Beefitswhatsfordinner.comdirect link HERE.

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06. Apr. 2020

Add cheese or sour cream to a spicy chili. Makes for extra delociousness!

Gefällt mir
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